When a single smile brings tremendous joy form and for other, it worth’s protecting it. Our well equipped dental clinic under modern medicine department offers total oral care solutions to our patients in a most professional way and keeps their smile bright and beautiful.

  1. Fixed orthodontic treatments:-
    • Treatments for crowded| forwardly placed| Spaced teeth
  2. Root canal treatment:-
    • Treatment for painful decayed tooth
  3. Ceramic crown and bridges:-
    • Replacing missing teeth with natural looking artificial teeth by taking support from adjacent teeth.
  4. Dental implants:-
    • Latest technology in which natural looking artificial teeth replaces the missing teeth and is fixed to the jaw bone.
  5. Tooth whitening:-
    • Treatment for whitening the yellow colour tooth.
  6. Cosmetic dentistry:-
    • Dental treatments that improve the appearance of persons teeth, gums, bile etc.(Smile designing, dental jewellery, composite, veneering etc)
  7. Restorative treatments:-
    • Restoring a fractured | decayed tooth with tooth coloured fillings.
  8. Ultrasonic scaling and polishing:-
    • Cleaning and polishing of teeth without damaging the enamel.
  9. Periodontal treatments:-
    • Treatments for gum diseases (e.g.:- bleeding gum )
  10. Surgical extractions:-
    • Surgical removal of tooth without pain.
  11. Pedodontic treatments:-
    • Treatments to prevent tooth decay in children. Treatments for decayed| Painful teeth in children.
  12. Mucogingival surgeries and Bone grafting:-
    • Treatment to prevent the mataligamnet of teeth in children between 6-12 years, Treatment for thumb sucking, mouth breathing etc.
  13. Dental x-ray:-
    • Low radiates dental x-ray facility with international standards of safety measures.
  14. Preventive dentistry:-
    • Treatments to prevent dental diseases.

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